The materials used in the lighting industry are aluminum, brass, galvanized parts, etc., and the welding requirements are higher. How do these special materials use solder wire?

A. The lamp cap is made of aluminum. It is harder to weld than brass and galvanized parts. It is recommended to use soldered aluminum solder wire.

B. Brass or galvanized parts can be welded in two ways:

1. The external liquid flux is sprayed and fired with a solid core solder containing about 30-40# of tin. The flux is completely vaporized during welding, and the residue is extremely small.

2. Select the solder wire with flux for soldering. This solder wire is commonly used. The solder wire produced by Yunfang Tin Industry is mature and the welding effect is good.

When you encounter the lighting industry, you need to know the welding process and what products to decide, and then decide which method to use for welding and then send the appropriate samples.