How to choose SMT solder paste printing steel mesh?

Solder paste printing is the first process of SMT production, and the quality of printing will directly affect the welding quality of SMT. Solder paste must use SMT steel mesh in the printing process. How to choose SMT solder paste printing steel mesh? First of all, the frame of SMT solder paste printing steel mesh is made of 1.5 aluminum alloy steel mesh: red rubber + aluminum tape is used. When the aluminum frame is in contact with the [...]

Solder wire suitable for the lighting industry

The materials used in the lighting industry are aluminum, brass, galvanized parts, etc., and the welding requirements are higher. How do these special materials use solder wire? A. The lamp cap is made of aluminum. It is harder to weld than brass and galvanized parts. It is recommended to use soldered aluminum solder wire. B. Brass or galvanized parts can be welded in two ways: 1. The external liquid flux is sprayed and fired with a solid core solder [...]

How to deal with the wave soldering slag problem?

First, in principle, the higher the wave soldering peak is, the larger the surface is in contact with the air, and the more severe the solder oxidation, the more the dross is. Therefore, the wave soldering peak should not be too high, generally not more than 1/3 of the thickness direction of the printed circuit board, that is, the peak tip should exceed the soldering surface of the printed circuit board, but can not exceed the component surface. Secondly, [...]

What are the precautions for using solder paste?

Rewarming: Solder paste is usually refrigerated in a refrigerator, and the refrigerating temperature is preferably 5-10 degrees. Therefore, when the solder paste is taken out from the refrigerator, the temperature is much lower than the room temperature. If the bottle cap is opened without returning the temperature, the moisture in the air is easily condensed and adhered to the solder paste. Moisture is rapidly vaporized due to strong heat, causing "explosive tin" phenomenon, producing tin beads, and even damaging [...]

What is the difference between flux and rosin?

Many friends in the electronic soldering industry often confuse the concepts of flux, rosin and solder paste. In fact, the flux we usually say is a general term. In fact, rosin and solder paste are fluxes. Their use is Increase the reliability of soldering between the solder and the object to be welded during the soldering process. The main functions of the flux include wetting effect, removal of oxidation, auxiliary heat conduction, reduction of metal surface tension, and aesthetics [...]

What are the precautions for using SMT Red glue?

SMT patch Red glue printing method: steel mesh engraving depends on the type of the part, the performance of the substrate, its thickness and the size and shape of the hole. Its advantages are fast speed and high efficiency. SMT patch Red glue dispensing method: Dispensing is the use of compressed air, the red glue is passed through the special dispensing head to the substrate, the size of the glue point, how much, by time, pressure tube diameter and [...]