SMT patch Red glue printing method: steel mesh engraving depends on the type of the part, the performance of the substrate, its thickness and the size and shape of the hole. Its advantages are fast speed and high efficiency.

SMT patch Red glue dispensing method: Dispensing is the use of compressed air, the red glue is passed through the special dispensing head to the substrate, the size of the glue point, how much, by time, pressure tube diameter and other parameters to control, dispensing The machine has flexible functions. For different parts, we can use different dispensing heads, set parameters to change, and also change the shape and number of glue points to achieve the effect, the advantages are convenient, flexible and stable. The disadvantage is that it is easy to have drawing and air bubbles. We can minimize these shortcomings by adjusting the operating parameters, speed, time, pressure, and temperature.

The needle rotation method is to immerse a special needle film in a shallow rubber disc. Each needle has a glue point. When the SMT patch red glue touches the substrate, the needle will be separated from the needle. The amount of glue can be shaped by the needle. And the size of the diameter changes.

Curing temperature 100 ° C 120 ° C 150 ° C; curing time 5 minutes 150 seconds 60 seconds.

Typical curing conditions:
1. The higher the curing temperature and the longer the curing time, the stronger the bonding strength.
2. Since the temperature of the patch adhesive varies with the size of the substrate components and the placement position, we recommend finding the most suitable hardening conditions.

Red glue storage: Avoid long-term storage at room temperature, shelf life of 6 months at 5 ° C -10 ° C.